12 Year Old Makeup

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Everyone loves to look their best, no matter their age, and that includes tweens. As tweens start to become more aware of their appearance and what they love and dislike, they start to look more into makeup and learn how to apply it. As the tween years pass, they become more and more confident in their skills, and begin to create their own signature looks. It’s incredible how a 12-year-old’s small tweaks in their makeup make such a big impact.

Pretty Auburn Fall Makeup

Girl with auburn eye makeup
This look is perfect for the fall season. The combination of the auburn eyeshadow and pink lips creates a nice balance that makes it suitable for day and night. An effortless and muted winged eye draws attention to the eyes, while the natural looking cheeks bring out the prefect rosy warmth of autumn.

Meet The 12 Year Professional Makeup Artist

Girl with purple eye makeup and pink lips
Why start small when you can go big? At the age of 12, Isabella is a certified professional makeup artist who has already done work for fashion shows in London. She says that she enjoys making people look beautiful, as it enables her to explore new colors, textures, and accents. Her impressive eye for intricate details speaks volumes about her talent.

Fresh Tween Makeup

Girl with lightgold eye makeup, coral lips and rose blush
Finding the right makeup look for a significant event can be intimidating, and even more so for a tween. Here is a beautiful look created by a 12-year-old girl for her grade 8 graduation. The subtle and airy colors used bring out the gorgeousness of the tween years. The light golden eyeshadow and coral lips add a warm look, and the light rosy blush completes the look.

All in all, it’s amazing to see how determined and courageous tweens can be when it comes to developing a sense of fashion and makeup. With proper advice and guidance, they can create stunning looks that they can rock with confidence.

Meet The 12-Year-Old Professional Makeup Artist Who Worked At London
Pretty auburn fall makeup. Done by 12 year old make up artist | Fall
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