1920's Makeup

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Ah, the 20s– a time of flappers, bobbed hairdos, and show-stopping makeup looks! Flaunting a bold and glamorous aesthetic, the 20s were filled with vibrant life and beautiful styles that we’re eternally envious of. To honor this wonderful era, let’s look back at some of the most iconic beauty looks of the 1920s!

Clara Bow

Known as the ‘It Girl’ of the 1920s, Clara Bow was an American actress who rose to fame as the epitome of the Jazz Age. Her signature beauty look was that of perfectly coiffed waves and dark-red pointed lip, which made her stand out as the poster girl for vintage beauty.

Roaring 20s Look

Rather than going for a signature look, many 20s women opted to go for a more general vintage aesthetic, often characterized by smokey eyes, rosy cheeks, and finger-waves. Paired with a bold rouge lip and dramatic part, this look was the perfect finishing touch for the modern day flapper.

Katy Perry

Though we’re going way back with this vintage look, modern-day icons are still rocking 20s style in their own unique ways. Just take a look at this amazing photo of Katy Perry, who successfully achieved modern-meets-vintage glamour with her copper red hair coupled with cherry red lips and arched brows, making a definite nod to the beauty culture of the roaring 20s.

From Clara Bow to Katy Perry, it’s clear to see that vintage beauty is still alive and well! Whether you’re a fan of pin curls and red lips or a more subtle version of 20s glamour, this iconic look is sure to captivate the masses for years to come!

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