1940s Makeup

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With the advancement of science and technology, the beauty industry has seen an explosion of products and trends that have changed the way we apply make-up today. But if you’re looking to take a step back into the 1940s, a time before matte lipsticks and highlighters, we’ve got you covered.

Authentic 1940s Makeup

Gene Tierney In the 1940s

Gene Tierney was one of the most iconic female stars of the 1940s. Her classic look can be timelessly recreated with both modern and vintage products. The classic 1940s look includes dramatic red lip color, often called “Gertrude Lawrence Red,” along with rosy cheeks and subtle eyeshadow. Don’t forget to curl those lashes to really master the Gene Tierney look!

Makeup Tips and Tutorials Inspired from the 1940s

1940s makeup tutorial

Still stumped on mastering the perfect 1940s look? Seeking out makeup tutorials inspired by the era can be a great way to start. Halloween is the perfect time to recreate vintage looks from yesteryear, like the silver-screen glamour of Ava Gardner. Consider adding a red lip and dainty cat-eye to an otherwise neutral color palette for a look that will turn heads whether you’re attending a costume party or just another day at the office. Keep the foundation to a minimum for that low-key 1940s vibe.

Famous 1940s Hollywood Faces and their Makeup

Ava Gardner with 1940s makeup

Who better than Hollywood royalty to emulate when channeling the 1940s style? Ava Gardner’s signature look featured a coral lip color paired with thick, dramatic lashes and a peachy blush. The color technique used to achieve this look was considered revolutionary at the time. Nowadays, we can still see traces of the 1940s style in modern makeup trends, whether they be in the seasonal runway looks or the aisles of our local drugstores.

We may live in a modern world, but there’s no denying the timeless effect of the 1940s makeup. With a few key tips and some trusty tutorials, you too can master the looks of yesteryear!

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