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As someone who loves to experiment with makeup looks, I often find that I draw a lot of inspiration from different eras. The 1950’s was a time full of chic elegance and classic beauty, paired with a hint of femininity. So, I thought it would be fun to create a 1950’s inspired makeup look!

I started off the look by priming my skin and then applying my usual foundation. I applied bronzer for a sun-kissed effect and just a tiny bit of blush for a delicate rosy glow. Once I had all of the basics in place, I was ready to start on the fun part – the eyes!

Cat-eye with Eyeliner

The key to achieving this vintage-inspired look is to perfect the cat-eye with eyeliner. I used a liquid eyeliner, which creates a beautiful, bold line. To get the right shape, I drew the wing and then connected it to the top and bottom lash line, making sure to draw the wing a bit longer than usual.

Woman with cat-eye makeup

Soft & Sultry

To give the eyes a soft and sultry feel, I used a pale brown eyeshadow and combined it with a creamy ivory shadow in the inner corners. I applied the shadows using a blending brush and moved the brush in an outward motion to ensure a flawless application. This gave the eyes a shimmery, subtle glam effect.

Woman with soft eyeshadow

Lush Lashes

When it comes to a classic 1950’s look, long, full lashes are a definite must-have! To achieve this, I applied several coats of mascara and curled my lashes for extra definition and volume. I also used a lash comb to separate my lashes and make sure that no clumps were visible. The result was luscious, glamorous lashes that perfectly completed the vintage look.

Woman with mascaraed eyes

Overall, I absolutely loved the way this look came out and I’m excited to try out more 1950’s inspired makeup looks in the near future. It’s such a classic and timeless look that never fails to make me feel confident and beautiful. So I encourage all of you to get creative, have fun, and experiment with different looks from different eras to create something completely unique to you!

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