1950s Hair And Makeup

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The 1950s look is something that many of us strive to recreate. We want to look like we’ve taken a step back in time and be transported back to the days when life was simple and our beauty looked effortless. With the correct application of makeup and hair, The 1950s can come alive once again.

Deadly is the Female: 1950s Makeup Lesson

Woman showing 1950's makeup look

To master the 1950s style makeup look, start with the base. Work a moisturizer into your skin for a smooth canvas. Concealers are not a must, this look is all about embracing natural features! However, to slightly brighten up any discoloration, attempt a subtle tint. To brighten the eyes, choose a light concealer, not a liquid eyeliner or cream one. For a creamy pink shimmer on the cheeks, opt for a creamy blush. Line the lips with a powder pink hue, and apply matching lipstick.

1950s Makeup and Hair Tutorial

Woman showing 1950's makeup and hair look

For those who wish to complete the 1950s look with a stunning hairstyle, the options are endless. From bouffant to beehive, the 50s brought a whole plethora of looks that required socialites and everyday folk alike to master their updos. To recreate a 50s beehive, simply backcomb the hair at the crown before forming a rolled up, snowball-shaped bun.

1950s Hair and Makeup for Secret Cinema Screening of ‘Grease the Musical’

Woman showing 1950's makeup and hair look in Grease the Musical

To recreate the characters of ‘Grease’ (either the play, film, or musical) you’ll need the perfect 1950s hair, inspired by the character’s style. For Sandy, her curls are a necessity – Tease, curl, and pin back the front with bobby pins, after which fix the curls in place with hairspray. Danny’s quiff is also essential, simply use a comb, gel, and hairspray for him. Both characters require a strong brow complete with definite arch, since the style of the day was all about full and defined eyebrows.

By channeling the spirit of 1950s makeup and hair, you can recreate the look. With an attention to detail, a bit of patience and a lot of hairspray, you too can look like you’ve just hopped out of a time machine!

Deadly is the Female: 1950's Makeup Lesson
1950's hair and make up for secret cinema screening of Grease the musical
1950 S Makeup And Hair Tutorial - Mugeek Vidalondon