1960s Makeup

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The 1960s was a youthful, versatile and trend-setting decade. From the staid, conservative 50s to the fantastic fashion and beauty of the 60s, the style and look of the different decades is well known. When it comes to eye makeup from the 1960s, there was a strong focus on the mod makeup look, where heavy, thick eyelashes, liner and eyeshadow were used to create a bold and colorful look.

Bold, Colorful Lashes

Female with short hair wearing a mod makeup look from 1960s

Eyelashes were a big focus in the 1960s mod makeup style. Eye makeup was sometimes so heavy it almost looked like the eyelashes were on upside down. Achieving this look meant layers of separate mascara coats. The top lashes were flown out for a fan-like look and the under eye lashes were often permed for extra curl. Brighter eye shadow colors like teal and green created a more dramatic look that allowed for bold eyelashes.

The Cat Eye Look

Female with short hair wearing a mod cat-eye makeup look from the 1960s

The Cat Eye look was also popular in the 1960s. This look featured a heavily lined upper eyelid that tapered up and out, with mascara to blend the liner and lashes. Lighter eyeshadows like pinks, nude and white were used to provide a subtle contrast against the dark liner. The overall effect was a feline appearance that provided a more dramatic and sultry effect.

White Eyeliner

Female with brown hair wearing a white eyeliner mod makeup look from the 1960s

The white eyeliner look was also stylish in the 60s. A hint of white liner just inside the lower and upper lash line helped to open up the eyes, while still helping to create a subtle cat eye shape. This look was quite versatile and paired perfectly with any of the bolder eye makeup looks. White nails were also popular with this look.

The 1960s mod makeup look provided bold and creative fashion opportunities for the ladies of the era. From the white eyeliner look to the heavily mascaraed cat eye, these distinct looks helped to define the trends for the decade. Continuing to draw inspiration from the 1960s, makeup wearers around the world are still utilizing these looks as part of their daily makeup routine.

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