1970s Makeup

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It’s hard to forget the bold makeup looks that dominated the ’70s. From subtle tans to opalescent shadows, the ’70s were filled with experimentation and innovation!

Makeup through the decades #6: 1970s

woman with dark eyeshadow, peach and red rouge, and peach lipstick

Shimmering eyeshadow shaded with different browns, oranges and greens were one of the prominent features in the makeup looks of the 70s, as were tanned, orange-tinted skin. The idea of highlighter was also gaining traction in the 70s, and was used to create an all-over bronze-like look. And don’t forget the dramatic liners and Bambi lashes, complete with bright rouges, to finish the look!

The 1970s Makeup Look – 5 key Points

woman with bold eyeshadow, a full set of lashes, and coral lips

1. Earthy eyeshadows, preferably shimmery and in shades of brown, oranges and greens
2. Tan, orange-tinted skin
3. Statement eyeliner of different shapes and thicknesses
4. Highlighter used all over the face to create a bronze-like effect
5. Dramatic false lashes and bright rouges to complete the look

1970s Makeup Trends

woman with eyeshadow, blush, and full lips

The creation of modern makeup in the 70s saw the use of products that helped to create a more subtle and natural look. Foundation was replaced by tinted moisturizer and a more dewy look was the goal, which was achieved by playing with highlighting and contouring. Face powder was used to set makeup, and blush was seen more as a way to contour the face than as a way of adding color. Finally, the lips followed the trends of the time, with full lips and subtle lipsticks.

The 70s exemplify a period of experimentation and innovation in the world of makeup and fashion. Bold looks and daring makeup characterise the beauty looks of the ’70s, and to this day, they remain an inspiration to many makeup artists!

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