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Those in the know are always aware of the latest beauty trends, but when it comes to classic looks, few can beat the 20s makeup look. Whether you’re looking for something to complete your 1920s vintage look or to add a unique twist to a modern outfit, this style of makeup is sure to turn heads wherever you go. Here we’ll explain some of the best ways to achieve the look and show you some pictures to help bring it together.

Get That 20s Look

Contemporary makeup trends are often very heavy and accentuate features such as the eyes and lips. However, 20s makeup was more subtle and focused more on balance than emphasis. Pores were minimized with powder and lightly blushed cheeks were all the rage, accompanied by a light pink lip. The makeup artist was tasked with creating a delicate and doll-like look, where the eyes were free from any harshness and fully framed the face.

Woman wears flapper dress with pin curls and bright red lipstick

The lips were seen as the focal point at the time and lipstick was often quite a splurge. Bright colors such as red, hot pink and orange were popular, as were dark, smoldering hues such as burgundy. Fixative was applied to ensure that the lip color survived those long evenings spent dancing and laughing. Ultimately, the 20s look is centered around balance, moderation, and glamour.

Perfect the Hair

The quality of your hairstyle is paramount when you’re looking to achieve the 20s makeup look. There were several styles in circulation at the time; two of the most iconic were the bob cut and the ‘Josephine’. When it comes to the bob, you’re looking for something sleek and straight, with a side parting. Finger waves work wonderfully for those looking for something a little more daring. As for the ‘Josephine’, think of it as the longer, more free-flowing version of the bob. With a similar side parting and slight wave, it’s a great way to bring 1920s glamour up to date.

Woman with clearly defined waves and subtle makeup

The 20s look was an extreme deviation from the long hair that had been popular since medieval times. Rather, women began to embrace shorter, more manageable haircuts and styles. Add in a carefully applied headband or, for the more fashion forward, a decorative metal tiara. Finish off with a spritz of hairspray and you’re ready to hit the dance hall, or the catwalk.

Dazzle with Your Dress

Once you’ve perfected your 20s makeup and figured out the perfect hairstyle to complement it, there’s only one thing left to do: pick your dress. This can be arguably the trickiest part of putting together an outfit and adding the perfect fashions into the mix can make or break a look. The key is to understand the type of event you’re attending and dress accordingly – be it flapper dress or some other outfit.

Young woman in white dress-skirt with a neck scarf

Whether you’re attending a special occasion, a party or just looking to dress up your everyday look, the 20s makeup style is an all-time classic. Bright colors and lighter layers of makeup combine perfectly with a 1940’s style dress, or a modern selection with an eye-catching print and a few frills and lace.

So now you know all the fundamentals – go forth and create! Whether you’re attending a function or just looking to do something different, this classic 20s makeup style is a fantastic choice no matter what the occasion. Come up with your own unique look or pick a style that you’ve seen on one of the many classic photos – whatever you choose, the 20s makeup look is sure to turn heads.

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