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Fourth of July Nail Art

Fourth of July Nail Art

Fourth of July is a time to celebrate the freedom and independence of the United States of America. Every year, people take part in festivities, fireworks, parades and more to honor the occasion. One way to help get into the spirit of the holiday is to use nail art to show your patriotism. Here are some great Fourth of July nail art ideas you can use to express your enthusiasm!

Stars and Stripes

Stars and Stripes Nail Art

Stars and stripes nail art is a classic for Fourth of July celebrations. This look can be achieved with some tape, a few colors of nail polish and your favorite topcoat. Simply use the tape to create the stripes and stars on your nails, and then carefully fill it in with colors of your choosing. Use the topcoat to make sure your design stays in place all day.

Firework Nails

Firework Nail Art

Fireworks are a staple of Fourth of July celebrations, so why not bring that festive spirit to your nails? Using blue, white and red glitters, you can create a dazzling firework effect on your nails. The trick to this look is to start with one color and then layer the other two colors in gradually increasing sizes until you’ve achieved the desired firework effect. Once you’re done, top it all off with a protective topcoat to lock it in place.

American Flag Nails

American Flag Nail Art

Another classic Fourth of July nail art look is a manicure featuring the iconic American flag. To achieve this look, you will need to use red, white, and blue nail polishes, as well as tiny stars and some strips of tape. Use the tape to create an even division between the red and white, and then carefully fill it in with the colors of your choosing. The tiny stars can be used to create the perfect American flag accent.

Red, White and Blue Ombré

Red White and Blue Ombré Nail Art

An ombré look is also a great way to show off your Fourth of July spirit. To achieve this look, use red, white and blue polishes and paint them on in concentric circles. You can use a makeup sponge to really get the perfect ombré effect. Make sure to finish with a protective topcoat, so that your look stays looking vibrant all day.

So, when you’re celebrating the Fourth of July, don’t forget to show off your patriotism on your nails with these fun and festive Fourth of July nail art ideas!

ehmkay nails: Fourth of July Nail Art