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There is something so special and unique about 1950’s makeup. From the cat eye to the lipstick, this is a style that is timeless and unique. It is no wonder that it remains popular today, with many makeup-lovers wanting to get the same look today as they did back in the 1950’s. Below we will take a look at how to recreate 1950’s makeup looks, with some tips and tricks on how to apply them.

Deadly is the Female: 1950’s Makeup Lesson

Woman with 1950s makeup and red lipstick smiling at the camera.

The 1950’s was a time of sleek, classically beautiful makeup. Women wanted to look polished and put together, no matter the occasion. A popular look was to exaggerate one feature and keep the rest natural. For example, with red lips, keep the cheeks and eyes minimal. To create this look, a matte red lipstick is key. Today, matte lipstick formulas, although being difficult to apply, will help to mimic the vintage 50’s look.

1950s makeup, so beautiful!!

Woman with 1950s makeup wearing cat eye glasses, long earrings and red lipstick.

Another beautiful makeup look from the 1950’s was to emphasize the eyes and create a brighter brow. Eyeshadow was kept subtle, with matte nude shades in the crease and darker tones on the lid. When it came to eyeliner, the popular look was to create cat eyes. To get this, use an angled brush and some black eyeshadow to create a colour that is almost as thick but far more precise than liquid liner. Add wings at the end of your eyes to get the desired cat-eye effect. Finally, for a fuller, more natural-looking brow, brush a pomade through the brows, focusing on the arch and extending it out from the inner corner.

50’s Makeup

Woman with 1950s makeup with bright red lipstick and cat eye glasses.

In the 1950’s, cheek colour was kept subtle, either in a peachy shade or a warm bronze. To achieve this look today, use a matte cream or powder blush or bronzer to contour your cheeks and warm up the skin. Finish off the look with a little powder to set the makeup and keep it in place. Then, to complete the look, take a matte red lipstick and brush it on your lips to get the perfect 1950’s look.

The 1950’s was an era of sleek, polished, and glamorous makeup. Although the look of the past is still admired today, it does take a bit of practice and knowledge to get the perfect 1950’s look. With practising and mastering the tips and tricks mentioned above, it is easy to achieve the 50’s glamour in modern times.

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