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The 60s were iconic decade full of innovative fashion, music and beauty looks. From mini skirts to statement eyeliner, the decade has still left its mark on contemporary style, and many beauty trends are still popular today. From classic cat eyes to avant-garde beehives, the 60s showcased a multitude of the iconic beauty looks that we still find inspiring.

The 10 ’60s Makeup Looks We’re Still Not Over

The 10 '60s Makeup Looks, emphasizing bold eyeliner, glossy lips, and dramatic lashes

One of the most iconic aspects of ’60s style was bold eyeliner, glossy lips, and dramatic lashes. Long-lasting mascara was relatively new at the time, so women would use a heated eyelash curler to get the job done. Statement eyeliner was also a big part of the decade’s makeup trends, and its popularity has since been revived through numerous makeup collections.

Elle Canada Spotlights 60s Makeup Trends for “My Generation”

Model wearing 60s style makeup, referencing the popular magazine article. Eyelinser is used to emphasize the eyes and the lips are kept neutral

The September 2011 issue of Elle Canada magazine featured an editorial aptly titled “My Generation” that showcased classic models with classic 60s makeup looks. The makeup artist creating the looks was Debra Macki, who was inspired by the movie posters and magazine advertisements of the era. Makeup for the shoot included subtle eye shadow, winged eyeliner, a neutral lip, and a touch of blush for a subtle contour.

8 Looks That Prove That 60s Beauty Is Back

Model wearing smoky eye makeup and short hair, reflecting a 60s beauty look

60s beauty has been making a major resurgence with strong makeup looks, short blunt bobs, and mod fashion. Achieving the look starts with classic black eyeliner and false lashes, often taken up a notch with bold colors like blue and pink. A dash of brightly-colored eyeshadow is also recommended to make the eyes pop, as well as a soft, smudgy-looking smokey eye. But if you don’t feel like doing a full face of makeup, a few coats of mascara, neutral eyeshadow and a red lip will do the trick for a timeless 60s look.

The 1960s was a remarkable time for fashion, music and beauty, and it’s no surprise that many of the looks from the era are still inspiring us today. From classic cat eyes to bold statement liner and flashy shadows, the era continues to provide us with makeup inspiration for any occasion. With the right touches, you can still achieve vintage glamour with a modern twist!

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