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It’s no secret that 80s style is back in vogue and it’s been seen on the red carpet and on the high street for a few years now. Hairstyles, makeup and clothes that transporting you right back to the era of big and bold styles and colours!

Throwback Volume

A lot of 80’s hairstyles featured volume, so you’ll want to bump up your tresses. Tease at the crown and add some curls or body with a curling iron. Don’t worry, if you’ve got short hair, a simple blow out can give you that oomph you need.

Woman in 1980s hairstyle with feathered bangs and side layers with curls

For a classic 1980s style, opt for a great feathered fringe and side swept layers. This gives an ultra-feminine silhouette and has a lot of movement. Make sure you set your style with a great hold hairspray and voila, you’ve got the perfect vintage look!

Colours and Highlights

The bigger and brighter the better! In the 80s, it was all about powerful colours and statement highlights. Think rosy pink, gorgeous blues, fabulous purples and vibrant neon yellows. One great way to enjoy a blast of colour without going too crazy is with dip dye. This will add a unique edge to your style; a great multi-dimensional look that makes you stand out.

Young woman with 1980s hairstyle with purple highlights

Makeup in the 80s was just as bold and vibrant as the hair. Pinks, purples and blues were the shades of choice for cheeks and lips, with a mix of subtle contouring and make-up artistry to really make the look pop. Eyeshadow palettes featuring bright blues were a key part of the look, with shades ranging from a gentle sky blue to a bold navy. The key here was to apply it from lashline to brow to really get that high-impact effect.

So Much Fun!

Young woman in 1980s makeup with red lipstick and dramatic blue eyeshadow

It’s so much fun embracing the 80s style, whether it’s hair, makeup or clothes. Allowing you to immerse yourself in a softer, gentler time, throwbacks from this era are brilliant for getting creative with your look. The best thing about 80s fashion? One thing’s for sure, there’s a look for everyone!

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