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Just when you thought beauty trends couldn’t get any more extreme, the 90’s look has made its official revisionist return. The intensely bold lips, sparkly accents, and glossy, glittery makeup has been reinvented in cool, fresh ways. It’s time to take the 90’s look from being a bit of a guilty pleasure and make it the main event.

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Woman in 90s style makeup with short hairstyle, dramatic eyeshadow, and coloured lipgloss

If you love vibrant, daring makeup looks, the nineties look might be your new beauty obsession. Forget minimal, subtle makeup – the nineties look is all about taking risks. Don’t be afraid to try a combination of daring colours and match them with neon accents and glittery gloss.

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Woman with curly hair, wearing glitter and shiny eyeshadow

The nineties trend isn’t just about bright and bold colour combinations, it’s also about the way you apply them. Start applying your eyeshadow at the inner corner of your eye and take your brush up and out to create a strong outline – perfect for those cat-eye vibes. You can also go for a natural, soft focus look with a muted, earthy colour palette and a dust of gold glitter to finish it off.

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Woman in side profile, wearing purple eyeshadow and headband

You can add a modern twist to the classic nineties signature look with bright and bold lip colours matched with heavy yet sophisticated eyeshadow. Achieve the look with liquid lipsticks and high-shimmer shadows. And don’t forget to go all out with the mascara and eyeliner – the more dramatic, the better.

Taking inspiration from nineties heroes like Madonna and Gwen Stefani is the perfect way to pay homage to the decade. So go ahead – use those bright and colourful makeup products in your arsenal to recreate new interpretations of the look. Whether it’s minimal and subtle or bold and daring, the way you choose to rock the nineties is entirely up to you.

The 90's Blog: Beauty Trends Tuesdays - Woman 90s Makeup Trends
'90s Makeup is Back — Here's How to Rock It | The Everygirl
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