90s Makeup Trends

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The ’90s were an iconic era for fashion and beauty trends. From ’90s makeup and hairstyles to clothing and accessories, there were so many unique looks created in the ’90s to choose from. The ’90s makeup looks and trends still remain popular today and can be worn with modern outfits to create contemporary-retro looks. Here are the 12 best ’90s makeup looks you can re-create.

Glittery Eyes

woman wearing glittery eye makeup

Glitter was a big ’90s makeup trend and still remains popular among makeup lovers. As seen in this picture, glittery eyeshadow was often paired with thick eyeliner and mascara to create the most glam look. To stay modern, try pairing the glittery eyeshadow with a pop of color such as blue, green, or purple and a more natural-looking eye makeup, such as just eyeliner and mascara.

Brown and Peach Makeup

woman wearing brown and peach makeup

Brown is a classic shade when it comes to ’90s makeup, but when worn with peach tones, it can make you look chic and modern. To add a more subtle nod to the ’90s, focus on adding a pop of peach tones over brown tones, such as peach blush, to create a subtle but beautiful look. The focus can also be on the eyes, such as in this picture, with a beautiful peach and brown smokey eye look.

Bold Lip Color

woman wearing bright red lipstick

In the ’90s, makeup was all about experimenting with bright colors and having fun with your look. A popular trend that still lingers even today is to take a bold lip color and wear it with a lighter eye look. Bolder colors such as red, purple, and deep pink were popular in the ’90s, but there were also more subtle colors such as nude and beiges to choose from. To keep a modern look, try pairing the bold lip color with a bold eyeliner as seen in this picture.

The ’90s were an iconic era for beauty trends and they can still be worn today to create modern-retro looks. From glittery eyes to bold colors, there are so many looks to choose from that make the ’90s so much fun to wear.

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