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Are you looking for bold, daring makeup ideas to try this season? Look no further than the Anastasia Beverly Hills Riviera Palette. This ultra-pigmented palette is packed with vibrant jewel tones, matted neutrals, and a range of finishes that make it perfect for creating mesmerizing looks. Let’s explore three stunning makeup looks featuring the ABH Riviera Palette.

Bright & Bold Eyelook

An Eye Look Featuring ABH Riviera Palette

This first look is perfect for those that love to make a bold statement. Start by using a creamy black liner to trace the lashline. Lightly blend the liner using a small brush. Next, press the light purple shade in the ABH Riviera into the middle of the crease. Layer the dark purple shade in the palette over the previous and blend together. Explore the bright blues and greens of the palette to create a fun and eye-catching look.

Soft & Smokey

A Soft and Smokey Eye Look Featuring ABH Riviera Palette

This eye look is the perfect balance between subtle and striking. Start by patting down a neutral base shade all over the lid. Take a fluffy blending brush and pick up the medium brown shade in the Riviera Palette. Work this shade back and forth in the crease to create a smokey effect. To add a touch of shimmer, press the shimmery champagne shade into the inner corners. Finally, line the top lashline with the dark brown shade in the palette to make the eyes pop.

A Galaxy Ombre

A Galaxy Inspired Ombre Look Featuring ABH Riviera Palette

This eye look is truly out of this world. Start by tracing the lashline with a bright blue liner. Dip a flat brush into the deep navy shade in the Riviera Palette and work it towards the inner corner. Dip a fluffy blending brush into the bright blue shade and layer it over the navy shade. Next, press the teal shade on the brush directly into the crease. Take a sparkly purple shade and press it lightly on top of the crease shade. Finally, take a light purple shade and sweep it over the center of the lid.

The Anastasia Beverly Hills Riviera Palette is an absolute must-have for all makeup lovers. Whether you’re looking for a bold statement or an everyday smokey eye, this palette has everything you need to create mesmerizing looks. Get creative with these three stunning makeup ideas today!
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