Adele Without Makeup

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Adele is one of the biggest names in pop music, so it was no surprise to fans that she made her way into the Celebrity Makeup Week lineup.

Adele Without Makeup #1

Adele Without Makeup Photo 1

Adele enters the Celebrity Makeup week no makeup challenge with her usual grace, and aplomb. With her naturally beautiful features on display, she continues to garner admiration from fans who love her natural look and dedication to keeping it real.

Adele Without Makeup #2

Adele Without Makeup Photo 2

Adele modernizes this classic image by taking a fresh selfie without makeup and adding it to the list of celebrity looks. Adele’s fans are always excited to get her take on the trend, and this picture did not disappoint.

Adele Without Makeup #3

Adele Without Makeup Photo 3

This picture of Adele’s sans makeup appearance captures her spirit and talent on full display. The beauty of a talented star is in their natural beauty, and Adele is no exception. With her free spirit and inner fire blazing, Adele continues to leave us all in awe.

Adele has always embraced her natural beauty, and her recent turn with the celebrity no makeup challenge is no different. The pictures above show her natural talent and beauty without the need for makeup, something more and more Hollywood stars are advocating for. In an industry where makeup is considered the norm, Adele defiantly goes against the grain and embraces her true self. It’s easy to see why fans around the world admire her so much.

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