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Finding some great makeup brushes can be a difficult and expensive task, but not impossible. It doesn’t need to break the bank for you to own a quality set of brushes. With the right know-how, you can get the most bang for your buck and find an affordable way to upgrade your makeup brush collection. Here are the top three affordable makeup brushes and how to use them.

Best Affordable Makeup Brushes & How to Use Them | TheDailyStruggle

Makeup Brushes - ThedailyStruggle

This affordable makeup brush set is perfect for achieving versatile looks, from subtle to dramatic. It holds 8 pieces of high-quality brushes, including a foundation brush, blush brush, contour brush and eye makeup brushes. The precise design of each brush helps pick up the perfect amount of products to create a flawless face.

Top 10 Affordable Makeup Brushes | Laura Neuzeth

Makeup Brushes - Laura Neuzeth

This 9 piece brush set from Laura Neuzeth is perfect for those on a budget. It includes both face and eye brushes that easily pick up makeup products. They have strong wooden handles and reasonably dense bristles that help blend makeup and achieve a flawless finish.

The Best Affordable Makeup Brushes + Sets – Kindly Unspoken

Makeup Brushes - Kindly Unspoken

This more affordable brush kit from Kindly Unspoken includes 12 brushes that you can use to create a beautiful and even base. The brushes can be used with liquid, cream, and powder foundations, concealers and contouring products, and they are comfortably soft and blend seamlessly.

No matter what kind of makeup look you’re going for, from everyday minimal to creative and vibrant eye makeup, you can find a wide selection of affordable makeup brushes online and in stores that fit your budget and enable you to create any kind of face. With a bit of research, you’ll be able to find a great set, that won’t dig into your bank account and will give you the tools to perfect your makeup routine!

Top 10 Affordable Makeup Brushes | Laura Neuzeth
Best affordable makeup brushes & how to use them | TheDailyStruggle
The Best Affordable Makeup Brushes + Sets - Kindly Unspoken