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Women of color face unique challenges when it comes to applying makeup. Specifically, African American women need to ensure that their makeup is applied properly to counteract the faults and shadows of their features. Here, we’ll look at some makeup tips that all African American women should follow to ensure they look their absolute best.

Use the Right Foundation

African American women have a variety of skin tones, from light to dark. While many cosmetic companies offer a broad range of foundation colors, the primary concern is selecting the correct undertone—cool or warm. Cooler shades run on the pink, purple, and blue ends of the spectrum and suit those with light to medium skin, while those with deeper skin should opt for warmer shades, such as yellow, gold, and orange shades. Don’t be afraid to ask a makeup artist or beauty consultant to assist in choosing the right undertone.

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Draw Attention to Your Lips

It’s no secret that the eyes take center stage when it comes to makeup, but that doesn’t mean your lips should be forgotten. African American women have wider mouths, so be sure to emphasize the lips when applying makeup. Start by using a lip pencil that is a few shades darker than your natural lip color to create definition and line the lips. Finally, use a slightly shimmery lip gloss in the same shade to finish off the look.

A women with dark skin wearing a lip gloss

Play Up the Natural Shape of Your Eyebrows

African American women tend to have thicker, fuller eyebrows due to their natural shape, and there’s no need to do away with that. When shaping eyebrows, it’s important to keep your natural shape and just clean them up a bit. When you go to tweeze, use short, light strokes and trim the brows with a razor. Be sure to create a full, well-arched look – it will brighten your face, draw attention to the eyes and make your facial shape appear more symmetric.

A women with curly dark hair and dark skin filled in eyebrows

Use Bronzer to Bring Out Your Features

Bronzer can be used to give African American women a healthy glow by bringing out their facial features. Applying bronzer to the temples, forehead and cheeks can give depth and shadows, making your face appear slimmer. Be sure to avoid shimmery bronzers and select a matte shade that most closely matches your skin color. Also, make sure to apply it correctly—the goal is to look sun-kissed, not orange.

Experiment with Bright Colors

African American women don’t have to stick to the usual neutrals when applying makeup. Experimenting with bright colors and bold looks can be just as flattering. Think outside the box by adding dramatic eyeshadows in purples, blues, pinks, yellows and greens. Remember to line the eyes with black eyeliner, blend your colors, and be confident with your choice of look.

Women of color have their own unique set of makeup needs, and the tips outlined here can help African American women apply their makeup to look their absolute best. Whether you’re looking for a subtle, natural look or a dramatic, bold face, these tips can help make sure you look your best no matter where you are.

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