Alabama Tide Fingernail

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As the kickoff the new season approaches, Crimson Tide fans can’t help but feel excited about the upcoming match with West. With any fiercely anticipated college football game, it’s not just about the wins and losses, but also the fashion statement it makes. To show some team spirit and make a statement, why not rock a Crimson Tide nail design?

Firey Crimson

Fiery red and white nails

A bolder look is perfect for that big night out. A firey red and white nail design will capture the spirit at any game. This design starts with a bright red base with a jagged French tip. The rest of the nail is painted with thin but prominent burgundy, white, and grey stripes.

The Glittery Crimson

Glittery red, white, and grey nails

If a bolder look isn’t quite your style, a shiner but still classy version of your nail design is still possible. This design starts with a light grey base. White and grey stripes paint the lower half of the nail and the tip is frosted with white glitter. A thin burgundy stripe peeks through near the cuticles of the nail for a cool accent.

The Color Block

Ombre red, white, and grey nails

This eye-catching option is the perfect blend of subtle and stylish. This style starts with a base of alternating burgundy and light grey stripes. The burgundy stripes are slightly more pronounced. On the accent nail, the polish is an ombre blend of red, burgundy, and grey, starting at the cuticles and blending together to meet the tip.

The Fiery Ombre

Bright red to light grey ombre nails

This look is truly eye catching. Start with a bright red base. This base is then precisely blended to form an ombre from red to light grey. The tip is painted white. The emphasis of this design is its light grey tips that gradually blend together for a unique look.

No matter which design you choose, one thing is for certain: you’ll be the coolest Crimson Tide fan on the block.

Nail design for the Alabama Crimson Tide's season opener against West