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Braided hairstyles have become significant in African American culture. They are a way of expressing one’s personality and style, having a powerful and distinct look that stands out in the crowd. African American hairstyles offer a diverse range of looks, from neat and tidy cornrows to colorful, multi-strand box braids. Let’s take a look at the most updated African American braids hairstyles.

Fiesta Braid

Multicolored braids gathered into a neat side-plait

The Fiesta Braid African American hairstyle is ideal for unique occasions, such as carnivals. Traditionally, the hair is braided into large, voluminous plaits, in a rainbow of bright colors. A few strands of hair at the front are left out, to create a fringe. The braid is then gathered on one side, above the ear, and loosely pinned in place.


Thin braids pulled tight against the scalp in a wave pattern

Cornrows are a classic African American style, in which the hair is braided in rows. The braids are kept tightly against the scalp, which gives the hair a neat, well-defined look. The cornrows can be decorated with accessories, such as beads, or combined with other styles, like an afro.

Box Braids

Strands of bright multicolored hair pulled into tight multi-stranded braids

Box braids are a form of protective styling for African American hair. The individual strands of hair are braided in extension braids to achieve a fuller look. Many opt for colorful extensions, such as pastel, blue and purple, in order to make their look outstanding. Box braids can be styled with a side-braid, or left loose and flowing.

Spiral Braids

Curly or wavy plaits in mohawk-style

This spectacular African American braided style is ideal for naturally curly or afro-textured hair. The hair is pulled into tight spiral curls, usually creating a mohawk-style silhouette. Adding various colored beads to each spiral will give the style a modern vibrancy. Spiral braids can also be tucked into one-sided buns, imbuing the look with vintage elegance.

Weave Braids

A side-shaved hairstyle featuring tight cornrow braids on one side, and short twists on the other

Weave braids, for African American hair, are a great way to add volume to the hair. The style begins with a shaved side, onto which the hair is attached in neat, tight cornrow braids. The rest of the hair is plaited or twisted, and blended with the cornrows. Weave braids can be accessorized with scarves and accessories, producing a fashionable and stylish result.

These four African American braids hairstyles are all celebrating the variety and originality of Black culture. Whichever style speaks to you, you can create a look that is truly yours, and defines your individuality and style. So find your look, and rock it!

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