Ancient Egyptian Makeup

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The art of Egyptian makeup has influenced the perspective of beauty through the centuries. Back in the day, makeup was part of Ancient Egyptian daily life, allowing people from all social classes to express their artistry and beauty. Let’s explore the different looks of Ancient Egyptian makeup.

Egyptian Makeup

A woman with Egyptian makeup featuring dark eyeliner, facial stripes, and a lip ring

Egyptian makeup is characterized by bold, dramatic eyes and dark kohl-lined eyes that were created using natural plant-based dyes. Other common components of Egyptian makeup were red lip paint and facial stripes usually made of black eyeliner. Egyptians would create a range of different eyeshadow looks and use a lip ring to achieve a fuller lip.

Carnival Look

A woman with Egyptian-inspired Carnival makeup featuring heavy eyeliner, shimmery eyeshadow, and gold metallic lipstick

The Carnival look takes inspiration from Ancient Egyptian makeup, but with a more elaborate, show-stopping feel. To get an Egyptian Carnival look, try playing with heavy eyeliner, adding eyeshadow in shimmery golds or bronzes and finishing the look with metallic gold lip paint or gloss.

Egyptian Eyeliner

A woman with Egyptian makeup featuring a deep brown eyeliner, neutral eyeshadow and gold lip paint

The signature deep eyeliner that Egyptians used to create is what really sets the look apart from other makeup looks. It can be a dramatic deep brown, like this tutorial from the Sola Rey blog, or a lighter shade of black. Finish off the look with neutral eyeshadow to complete the Egyptian-inspired eyeliner.

The art of Egyptian makeup is timeless. Not only does it give us insight into how people used to express beauty and artistry thousands of years ago, but it also provides us with a source of modern day inspiration and looks that never seem to go out of style.

Egyptian Eyeliner | Sola Rey
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