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Animals have been needlessly put under the knife throughout history in the name of science, and the beauty industry hasn’t been immune to it. From testing cosmetic products on animals for safety to purposefully blindfolding monkeys to use them in experiments, we’re all familiar with the cruelty that takes place in the name of science. But thankfully, things are starting to look up.

What Are Cruelty-Free Products Tested On?

A bottle of cruelty-free makeup with the words Cruelty Free written on the label

The first thing that many people want to know when they think of animal testing is: what replaces the animals? The answer, of course, is that cruelty-free products should never be tested on animals. So what are these products tested on?

Products that don’t involve animal testing are tested by using technologies, such as computer modeling, high-throughput screening, and human-based in vitro systems, instead. These non-animal test methods allow the testing of many chemicals at once and can provide more realistic results in comparison to animal testing, leading to safer products being brought to market faster.

Canada Moves Closer To Cosmetics Animal Testing Ban

A tube of makeup labeled Cruelty Free, surrounded by plant leaves

There’s some good news for animals in cosmetic testing: Canadian lawmakers just voted to ban the sale of all cosmetics tested on animals, making it one step closer to becoming a reality. The new bill, which still needs to be approved, would make Canada one of the first countries in the world to ban the sale of cosmetics tested on animals. If passed, it could set an international precedent, inspiring other countries to pass similar laws and helping to protect even more animals from unnecessary testing.

Is Animal Testing Finally Going Out Of Fashion In Beauty Industry

A row of cosmetics products labeled Cruelty Free

It appears that animal testing may finally be going out of fashion in the beauty industry. As evidence, some major cosmetics companies are starting to embrace the cruelty-free movement, meaning they don’t test their products on animals. These companies are catching up with customers, who continue to demand cruelty-free alternatives. Consumers understand that animal testing isn’t necessary, and brands like these are responding with truly cruelty-free products.

Overall, it seems like the tide is finally turning in the battle against animal testing in the cosmetics industry. As more and more brands embrace the cruelty-free movement, we can only hope for more progress in the near future.

Is animal testing finally going out of fashion in beauty industry
Canada Moves Closer To Cosmetics Animal Testing Ban
What Are Cruelty-Free Products Tested On?