Anushka Sharma Wedding Hairstyle

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The Virushka wedding is one of the most talked-about marriages of the decade! It was a modern-day fairy tale and deeply personal union—two superstars who have conquered the entertainment industry coming together in matrimony. But, one must not forget the huge team of professionals responsible for bringing the wedding to fruition and helping make it look like a royal affair.

Food and Menus

Food and Menus for Virushka Wedding

Star caterers, Kraftstar, were in charge of creating the beautiful menus and scrumptious meals for the guests. The two-day celebrations included dishes from all across the world, including Indian, Italian, Chinese, and Lebanese cuisines. Vegetarian and non-vegetarian options were provided to satisfy all food palates. Also, herbs and spices flown in from different countries added to the rich flavour of the meals, which were cooked and plated with stunning artistry.

Invitations, Gifts, and Goodies

Invitations, gifts, and goodies for Virushka Wedding

The invitation cards were as elegant as they come and geared at giving guests a luxurious experience right from the start. Designed with a gold emboss of the couple’s initials, their wedding details were inscribed in gold foil. Produced by the paper couture house, Wedtree, the invitation cards had a single rose blooming from the card when opened. The guests also received gifts and goodies in cute jute packaging. These included silver coins, miniature figurines, and diyas.

Décor and Floral Elements

Decor and floral elements of Virushka Wedding

Exquisite flora and décor elements combined to make the wedding look like a dream. Lead floral artist Bina Diwan ensured that the right plants and flowers were used to create a luxuriant, comforting atmosphere for the bride, groom, and guests. The mandap had 200 poles, 20 giant birds, and 200,000 flowers. Even the bathrooms had lush interiors, with sherbats and cooling towels provided.

Arrangements for the Guests

Arrangements for the guests of Virushka Wedding

The couple made well-thought-out arrangements for the comfort and convenience of the guests. As part of the welcome kit, they provided mosquito repellent, face mist, and sleeping kits. For those flying in from other states, food and lodging arrangements were made and shuttle services were provided to take the invited guests from the airport straight to the wedding venue. A red-carpet welcome was also staged for some of the guests.

Beauty and Styling

Beauty and styling for Virushka Wedding

The couple had their beauty and styling needs taken care of by the team of experts. Makeup and hair artist, Poulomi Ghatak worked her magic on Virat and Anushka to make sure they looked their best on the special day. Designer Sabyasachi Mukherjee and friend Nitasha Gaurav carefully selected the outfits that Anushka wore on the two days of wedding festivities. Also, jewelers Krsala and Jewels Emerald, who have earlier decked up the likes of Kareena Kapoor Khan, provided exquisite jewelry pieces to the couple.

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