Application of Activated Carbon for Water Treatment in Circulating Water

Power plant water often comes from surface water and groundwater. Coastal and freshwater-deficient areas also often use seawater as a supplementary water source, which must be treated by high-purity water equipment such as sedimentation, filtration, desalination, and degassing. Using seawater as the supplementary water source requires seawater desalination equipment before it can enter the water circulation system of the power plant.

In the water vapor circulation system of activated carbon thermal power plants, there are strict water quality requirements for the water used as the working medium and cooling medium of the thermal system. For example, the high-pressure boiler feed water requires not only low hardness, but also very little dissolved oxygen, solid content and organic matter content. Water that does not meet the water supply standard will make the power plant equipment unable to operate safely and economically. Reverse osmosis desalination treatment system, compound bed, mixed bed ion exchange high-purity water system ultra-pure water treatment equipment, etc. are required to treat the super-high pressure boiler feed water of thermal power plants. To this end, quality indicators for various water use in thermal power plants have been formulated.

Coconut shell high iodine value activated carbon, fruit shell water purification activated carbon, softening water quality, softening and desalination equipment, ultra-pure water treatment equipment, seawater desalination equipment, and high-purity water equipment use activated carbon to make it work best. The functions of open circulating water and closed circulating water are the same, both of which provide cooling water to the condenser and auxiliary machinery of the turbine. Unlike closed circulating water, open circulating water does not require special cooling towers. Usually, open circulating waterpower plants are located near large rivers, and cooling water is taken from large rivers and discharged to large rivers.

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