Ariel Makeup Tutorial

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Ariel from Disney’s Little Mermaid is the embodiment of an iconic princess and a beloved classic character. From her wavy red locks to her bright green tail, she represents a beloved era of animation and reminds us all of the power of imagination. For decades, many have loved her for her sass, her independent spirit, and her quest for true love – Ariel is someone all of us can look up to and relate to.

Real Life Princess

Disney Ariel in an orange dress, tossing her fiery red hair

Ariel has been brought to life in many wonderful ways. Whether it’s a cosplay or an inspiring hairstyle, fans all over the world show their love for her through fashion and beauty. Halla Reine, an Instagram influencer, shows her love for Ariel by constructing gorgeous cosplays -capturing the details of this beloved character. She has brought the dress and hair of Ariel to life in a way that has to be seen to be believed.

Disney’s Little Mermaid – Ariel Make Up Tutorial

A woman's face with white foundation and eye shadow resembling Ariel

Traci Hines, a cosplayer and makeup artist, takes the concept of Ariel and creates a stunning, intricate transformation. Through her makeup tutorial, Traci shows how to recreate Ariel’s iconic green eyes and classic red hair. She completes the look with a unique structure of eyeshadows that gives it a mermaid-like shimmer. With the help of Traci’s tutorial, now everyone can access the look of Ariel easily and with precision.

Ariel from The Little Mermaid Makeup Tutorial

A face with colorful makeup resembling Ariel

Do-it-yourselfers rejoice: Ariel has officially been brought to life through a fantastic makeup tutorial created by YouTube user MarilisBarrientos. In this artistic piece, Marilis shows viewers how to achieve a vibrant, almost cartoon-like makeup look. Through the use of colors and blues, she creates the classic Ariel sparkle on the eyelids and cheeks. Every step comes with full explanation and tips, and anyone can now feel like the iconic heroine.

Ariel from Disney’s Little Mermaid is an ever popular character, and her charm and spirit have been brought to life in many exciting and creative ways. Whether it’s in a cosplay or makeup look, something about Ariel just brings an impeccable sense of joy. With the help of talented creators like Traci Hines and Marilis Barrientos, you can now access these dreamy looks easily.

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