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Looking to get your nails done and show off your style? There’s plenty of options out there and the toughest decision you’ll have to make is the nail art design. From designs with decals and acrylics to intricate patterns and classic looks, you’re sure to find what you need! To get you started, here are 46 of the hottest nail art ideas.

1. Shimmer Dot Design

Shimmering dots on fingers

A playful and eye-catching design, this shimmering dot look can turn the simplest manicure into something special. You don’t have to break the bank to achieve this look either – all you need is a small dotting tool, a base coat and your favorite nail polishes.

2. Tribal Patterns

Patterned tribal design on fingernails

Tribal inspired nail art is multi-dimensional and can add some exciting detail to your manicure. Love classic black? Or maybe you prefer more vibrant, attention grabbing looks? With a range of highly pigmented polishes, you can create your very own tribal patterns in no time.

3. Gemstone Fantasy

Gemstone fantasy nail design

Keep up with the mani trends and create this effortless gemstone fantasy. All you need are a few glitters, decals and the gems of your choice. This dreamy design is perfect for date night, special occasions or when you want a glamorous and mesmerizing effect.

4. Ombre French Tip

French tip nails dyed from a light up to a dark

Ombre french tip is a great way to express yourself and upgrade the traditional french tip. You can create the look yourself but it is a time consuming job and you have to be pretty precise with painting the designs. It’s worth it though, each time you move your hands and catch the light, people will glance twice!

5. Edgy Geometric

Unconvetional nail design with black and white lines and tints

If you want to take your manicure to a edgier side, try out this black and white gradient look. Bit of an abstract shape lover? This design is perfect for your avant-garde vibes. Watch heads turn as you walk around with this look on your fingertips!

6. Multicolor Glitters

Gold and other multicolored glitters on fingers nails

Don’t be afraid to go a little bit overboard with the glitters. Mix and match your favorite hues and use the shades to add excitement to your nail art. As glitter polishes are not as fast-drying as others, you can make sure that it sets in properly while adding the details you want.

7. Unicorn Horn

Unicorn horn nail art with vibrant colors

It’s time to get
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