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How to prevent needle roller bearings from rusting

Before we introduce the anti-rust method of needle roller bearings, we should first understand what causes the bearing to rust. What are the main factors that affect corrosion of needle roller bearings? Then prescribe the right medicine The corrosion of needle roller bearings is caused by various internal and external factors, which can be summarized […]

What are the scope of application of stamped outer ring bearings?

1. Stamped outer ring needle roller bearing split hole type and sealing type, stamped outer ring needle roller bearing without inner ring, direct contact with the surface, so that the processing accuracy and heat treatment hardness of the bearing should be the same. Scope of application: Cage stamped outer ring needle roller bearings are suitable […]

Manufacturing process of industrial pure water equipment

Manufacturing process of pure water equipment   Pure water equipment process flow: primary reverse osmosis pure water process flow: raw water – > multi-media filter – > activated carbon filter – > softened filter – > softened water tank – > security filter – > RO reverse osmosis system – > pure water tank – […]

Introduction to submerged ultrafiltration process

SMF submerged membrane filtration technology is a new type of membrane filtration separation technology. It is a new type of membrane filtration process derived from the combination of low-pressure hollow fiber membrane technology and continuous membrane filtration technology. It uses the hollow fiber ultrafiltration membrane module to place the membrane directly in the membrane pool […]

Basic knowledge of water treatment

1. What is the hardness of water? Some metal cations in water are combined with some anions. During the heating process of water, due to evaporation and concentration, scale is easy to form, which is attached to the heating surface and affects the heat conduction. We call the total concentration of these metal ions in […]

What are the reasons for the decline of resistivity during the operation of EDI ultrapure water equipment?

The reasons for the decline of resistivity during the operation of EDI ultrapure water equipment are related to the pollution of inlet water quality, pressure, flow, voltage and inlet water quality. The following is a brief introduction to the reasons for the decline of resistivity of EDI ultrapure water equipment. 1. The effluent of reverse […]

Treatment methods for different kinds of water

In the environmental protection water treatment industry, the commonly used water treatment methods generally include: (1) Sediment filtration method (2) hard water softening method (3) Activated carbon adsorption method (4) deionization method (5) Reverse osmosis method (6) excess filtration method (7) Distillation method, (8) ultraviolet disinfection method (9) Biochemical method, etc Now, the principles and […]

Knowledge of softening resin

Water treatment resin is divided into cationic resin and anionic resin. Cationic resin is subdivided into sodium type and hydrogen type. Sodium type resin exchanges calcium and magnesium ions in water into sodium ions to soften water. Hydrogen resin is used to exchange calcium and magnesium ions in water into hydrogen ions to soften water […]

How to choose a water purifier at home

Abstr: water purifier is used to purify water, and in order to ensure the safety of drinking water, many families will choose to be equipped with a water purifier, so how should they choose a water purifier? 1. The water softener mainly replaces calcium and magnesium ions in the effluent through resin substances to soften […]

Composition process of water treatment ultrafiltration system

1. Prefilter A prefilter with certain filtration accuracy must be configured before the ultrafiltration system to prevent large particles from entering the ultrafiltration membrane module and blocking the membrane wire and filtration channel, or even causing scratch and damage to the membrane wire. The internal pressure ultrafiltration membrane is required to be equipped with a […]