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Every girl grows up playing with Barbie dolls. From styling their hair in the most creative ways to pretending to put on layers of makeup, dolls always were and still are a source of entertainment for the littles and the young at heart.

You Could Do Barbie’s Hair and Makeup!

Barbie doll with pink hair and a pink lipstick on applied on to her lips, while her eyes are lined with black eyeliner

Creating Barbie’s signature look never gets old. After all, no other toy out there can lay claim to the iconic style of this legendary doll! She’s been teaching girls real and imaginery hairstyling and makeup tips since 1959. With a modern twist on the classic look, you can show your own style!

Barbie Deluxe Styling Head

A Barbie head with blonde, lined up neatly in the back, and long side bangs

The Deluxe Styling Head lets you brush, cut and style Barbie’s hair in hundreds of combinations. With long and super-long hair, hair extensions and a blow-dryer and tools to help you achieve the style you want. Recreate the most fashionable styles or make up your own unique look. Go wild and have endless amounts of fun with Barbie’s Deluxe Styling Head!

Barbie Doll Head Styling Stand

A Barbie head resting on a plastic blue stand, decorated with multiple colorful beads

The Barbie Doll Head Styling Stand offers more control when styling Barbie’s hair. The stand keeps your Barbie doll’s head from swinging and spinning so you can work on her without any hassels. Use the stand while styling your Barbie doll to create perfect braids and intricate styles. Whether it’s plaiting or adding colorful accessories, make sure your Barbie doll is always looking her best with this unique stand.

Barbie dolls are iconic, and have been seen on the arms of little girls all over the world for generations! And with the development of new styling tools, it’s never been easier to give your Barbie doll the perfect look. So if you’re ever in the mood for a little barbie makeover, why not try out some of these tips and tricks? You never know: you just might discover a new hairstyling or makeup look of your own!

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