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Oftentimes, achieving the perfect beat face can be daunting. Many makeup enthusiasts know that the steps required to achieve the perfect matte finish can be quite complicated and require a deep understanding of cosmetics and makeup. Thankfully we’ve got you covered! Here’s a guide to help you master the perfect beat face.

Dark Skin Makeup

This look from Pin by C. Leigh on woc’s makeup is best suited for those with dark skin tones, as the bold colors and matte finish will help enhance the natural beauty of the skin’s color. The shimmer of the eyeshadow brightens the look, whereas the deep rouge blush on the apples of the cheeks adds a glamorous effect. To finish off the look, a glossy lip color with muted tones will bring out the beauty of the makeup.

Dark skin makeup with dark eyeshadow, blush, and glossy lips

0-100 Beat Makeup Tutorial

This beat face tutorial from YouTube is a great guide for those who want to practice their makeup techniques. It starts off by priming and moisturizing the face to create a smooth canvas. Next, the eyes are given a smokey shadow look with dark hues and a neutral shimmer. Matte foundation and contour is used to complete the look and add color to your face. Lastly, the brows are filled in and highlighted to achieve the perfect frame for your eyes.

0-100 Beat Makeup tutorial video thumbnail

Dramatic Beat Face

This look from Pin by Isabella Vaughn on paint thy face offers the perfect amount of drama for makeup enthusiasts who like to experiment with bold makeup looks. Soft pinkish eyeshadows are used to create a subtle yet stunning look, while the brownish tones of the mascara and eyeliner add some drama and depth. This look is completed with a neutral blush and glossy lip color, making it the perfect choice for any special occasion.

Soft pinkish eyeshadow, brownish tones of the mascara and eyeliner, neutral blush, and glossy lip color

In the world of makeup, there are endless possibilities for enhancing your natural beauty with beat face makeup. From the classic dark skin makeup look to bold and dramatic beat face looks, you can find the perfect combination of products and techniques to create your signature look. Hopefully, this guide gave you some inspiration to help you create the perfect beat face for any occasion!
Pin by Isabella Vaughn on paint thy face | Milani cosmetics, Dramatic
Pin by C. Leigh on woc makeup | Beat face makeup, Dark skin makeup