Beatles 60s Long Hairstyle

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Inspiration can be found in many diverse places and for many different people. In the music world, inspiration can be found in every corner. From The Beatles to Bruno Mars, musicians have looked to other musicians for input and influence. No matter what your style of music is, one group of musicians that have had an influence on many across the globe are The Beatles. The Beatles had a unique way to their sound, and their images often spoke just as loud as their songs. Though the group disbanded in 1970, their influence and inspiration can still be felt today.

Hair Inspiration from The Beatles

The Beatles haircuts in 1965

The Beatles were always on the cutting-edge of style, and their iconic haircuts are a testament to that. Though George Harrison’s bowl-cut is the most recognizable of the four, Paul McCartney, John Lennon, and Ringo Starr all had their distinct looks. One hairstyle that stood out in 1965 was John Lennon’s shoulder-length hair. Though the style may have appeared to be more shaggy than purposeful, Lennon often pushed boundaries with his style, making him an inspiration for many around the world.

The Beatles as Inspiration for Hair

The Beatles’ music may have been their most recognizable contribution, but their fashion and style was just as important to their legacy. Many have looked to them over the years for inspiration on hairstyles, and the four have often been the subject of imitation. Lennon’s shoulder-length hair in 1965, inspired many to try out the look. Today, The Beatles’ haircuts remain just as iconic as they did over 50 years ago.

The Beauty of Imitation

Though imitation is often seen as a form of flattery, it can also be seen as an inspiration. Some people may be afraid to try a daring new look, but seeing something that has been tried and tested by an iconic group such as The Beatles makes the style seem more attainable. For any Beatles fan, trying out their look in some way is a great way to show appreciation for the group.

The Beatles As a Legacy

The Beatles may have disbanded almost 50 years ago, but their influence can still be seen today. From the way their music continues to inspire musicians to their fashion and style, The Beatles continue to be a source of inspiration to many people. Many may never get to the experience their influence in person, but with their iconic looks still around, taking inspiration from them is easier than ever.

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