Beautiful Halloween Makeup

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Halloween is all about feeling creative and experimenting! It’s always fun to dress up, but Halloween is a great opportunity to get a little more creative with your makeup than on an average day. From sweet and simple to full-on glam, Halloween makeup looks offer endless inspiration.

Pretty Halloween Makeup Ideas

Woman With Glittery Eye Makeup and Cat Ears

This look takes a simple cat-eye and makes it truly stand out. Her eyes are adorned with glitter and sparkles, giving her makeup more definition and an extra element of fun.

50 Halloween Makeup Ideas

Woman With Glittery Black Lips and Glossy Face

Following the traditional ideas of a beautiful makeup, this look incorporates black glittery lips with a glossy face. This is a heavier and edgier look than the previous one, perfect for those ready to take their costume up a notch.

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Woman With Dark Blue and Silver Glittery Eye Makeup

If you’re into something more classic with a twist, this is the look for you. The dark blue eyeshadow used in this look is complemented by a silver glittery splash of color, easily making this one of the most elegant and captivating looks.

Whether you want to stay classic or go all out this Halloween, there’s no shortage of beauty inspiration. You can even use these looks to try some everyday makeup looks out of your comfort zone. Have fun with it and show off your creative side this October!

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