35+ Beautiful Nail Art Designs

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As our glamour grows, so does our obsession for beautiful and creative nail art. Every woman loves to show off their unique nail design, and perfecting each nail takes time, dedication and even a bit of creativity. From classic french ombre to using materials like rhinestones, acrylics and gels, some beautiful nail art options are available. To give you a better idea, we have gathered the most beautiful nail art designs into one list. Check it out and be inspired to step up your next manicure.

Glitter Ombre Nail Art

Glitter ombre nail art design

The glitter ombre nail art design is an all-time classic. Choose glitter in multiple colors and apply to each nail 2-3 shades darker than the last one. This design can be used for all nails, or alternately on every other nail. The transition of colors gives a mesmerizing effect.

Rhinestone Nail Art

Rhinstone nail art design

This is an absolutely gorgeous look that goes well with any occasion. Achieve this stunning nail art design by adding a few rhinestones onto the nails. Choose from different colors and shapes, place in a pattern of your choice and add a top coat to secure. It’s a distinctive look that would draw attention to your nails.

Multi-colored Glitter Nail Art

Multi-colored glitter nail art design

For a fun and colorful twist, try the multi-colored glitter nail art design. Choose one color of glitter and pick 3-4 shades of this one color and apply to each nail using a sponge. Start with the lightest color and layer it up with darker ones. The end result will be amazingly eye-catching.

Abstract Nail Art Design

Abstract nail art design

Abstract art has a fun and creative vibe to it. For those who can’t seem to decide on just one type of nail art, the abstract nail art design does justice to them. Paint each nail in multiple colors, layer up with different shapes and designs, add some glitter, and top to complete the look.

Matte Nail Art

Matte nail art design

Matte nail art designs have a unique yet minimalistic vibe. They look best when paired with metallic polishes and a top coat. Keep the nails clean, pair with a complementary outfit, and you’re ready to go! Choose from a variety of colors and provide your nails a sophisticated look while still making a statement.

Water Marble Nail Art

Water marble nail art

Water marble nails are amazing and at the same time can be quite daunting. To get started the process begins by pouring warm water in a bowl and adding nail lacquer drops to the water’s surface. Then with a tool, drag through the patterns and make sure to layer the colors and create shapes. Once you’re happy with the result, gently dip each nail one at a time and clean up the excess with a brush. Swipe a top coat to finish up.

French Manicure

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