Bee Costume Makeup

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Tired of the same-old Halloween costumes? Then this Honey Bee look is just for you! You’ll be buzzing around the bee-hive in no time. With a few simple steps, you can give your existing costume a quick makeover to include buzzing around town looking for cute pollinators.

Sweetening up your look

A wwoman in a bee dress with black and yellow stripes and hat

Whether you’re using a store-bought bee costume or just wearing a yellow and black striped shirt, the key to completing the bee look is all in the makeup. Spice up your look with golden colors that’ll brighten up your look and make you stand out even more. Start by blending yellow eyeshadow up towards your eyebrows and on the inner corners of your eyes to create the desired look. Then, add a subtle hint of gold on the upper part of your cheekbones using a fluffy brush to create a perfect glow.

Adding a sting

A woman wearing a bee costume and make-up with a black mask on her face and a yellow and black striped motif on her face

Once you’ve got the basics down, it’s time to add a little sting to your look. Line your eyes with black eyeliner to create an edgy feel, then take a black eyeliner pencil and draw a mask around your eyes — this will give you an extra special buzz! To complete the look, don a cute yellow bow headband that adds an extra touch of pizzazz to your costume.

Don’t Bee So Serious

A woman wearing a bee costume and make-up with a yellow flower in her hair, black mask around her eyes and a yellow and black striped motif on her face

Take your bee costume to the next level by having a little fun with it. To add a whimsical element to your ensemble, try adding a yellow flower in your hair or team an oversized frilly yellow dress with black leggings. Whatever you decide to do, make sure your costume reflects your personality and, most importantly, shows off your buzz-worthy style!

And that’s it! You’re all set to bee the most talked-about queen bee of the party. So put the finishing touches on your look, grab your yellow wings, and you’re ready to buzz, babes. Don’t bee stingy with the compliments, now!

Honey Bee Costume Makeup - Mugeek Vidalondon
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Honey Bee Costume Makeup - Mugeek Vidalondon