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Halloween is an exciting season for many, as it is a time for transformation! This year, you can become the infamous evil spirit from the movie Beetlejuice with one of these incredible Halloween makeup looks, and still look fabulous.

11 Halloween Makeup Looks That Will Make You Scream, “Beetlejuice”

a woman wearing makeup with half of her face coloured white with black markings, and half of her face as a skeleton

For a Beetlejuice-inspired costume, this makeup look is ideal. The white and black face paint gives an eerie feel and shock people with a startling design. For hair, add bright green streaks for a truly psychedelic effect.

Beetlejuice Makeup www.rebelrougelab in 2020

a woman with half her face painted in white and white with black markings and the other side painted in a skeleton pattern

This is one of the most popular Beetlejuice looks, with its blend of black and white face paint and green wig. To complete the look, add some black and white striped trousers, questionable hand gestures, and an over-the-top attitude.

Photo Print – “Beetlejuice” in 2020

woman with skull makeup and green wig

This makeup takes inspiration from both the movie Beetlejuice and its cartoon adaptation. It combines a skull-like face paint with a bright green wig for a hair-raising effect. If you want to go all out, add a shiny black and while striped suit.

If you are looking for something unique and eye catching, try one the amazing Halloween looks inspired by Beetlejuice. Choose one of these looks, which range from simple to complex, and be sure to impress with your spooky transformation.

Photo Print - "Beetlejuice" in 2020 | Beetlejuice makeup, Halloween
Beetlejuice Makeup www.rebelrougelab in 2020 | Beetlejuice makeup
11 Halloween Makeup Looks That Will Make You Scream, "Beetlejuice