Below Shoulder Length Hairstyle

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When it comes to hairstyles, its important to find looks that make you feel confident and beautiful. Shoulder-length hair is the perfect length for many different styles, from sleek and sophisticated to wild and flamboyant. Here are our favorite hairstyles that work for shoulder-length looks.

Perfectly Groomed

Woman with shoulder length hair combed back into a sleek and groomed style

This look starts with a sleek blow-dry, flat-ironed smooth or parted on the side. Highlighting around the face will make this style really stunning. Add products like pomade to give it a glossy sheen and to keep the look in place.

Braided Beauty

Woman with shoulder-length hair styled into two parallel braids

Braids give a decidedly boho vibe, with fishtails especially being one of the top braided looks. The two-braid style is also popular and works for shoulder-length hair very nicely. The braids can be done parallel to each other or crossed in the back with a loose bun.

Earthy Style

Woman with shoulder-length hair styled into an effortless wavy look

Nothing is easier and more stylish than effortless curls and waves. Shoulder-length hair is the perfect length to do that: it is long enough to show off the curls and waves, but not so long as to weigh down the style. Enhance your waves with a mousse and use a curling wand for more definition.

Strutty Pony

Woman with shoulder-length hair styled into a voluminous ponytail

Nothing says sleek and snazzy like a high-placed ponytail. To do this style, simply make a high ponytail with extra volume and brush back the sides to make the face look slimmer. Any extra hairs around the face should be pinned in place. All you need is some hairspray to make sure it keeps its shape all day.

Soft Updo

Woman with shoulder-length hair styled into a soft and wispy updo

For the days when you want your hair off your face but don’t want to be too formal, try this look. Start with tousled curls – apply mousse to wet hair, then blow-dry while twisting sections around your fingers. From there, use your fingers to shape the hair into a soft, wispy updo on one side of your head.

Shoulders-length hair can be the basis of so many different looks. It is easy to wear long and straight one day and do something totally different the next. Have fun with the looks and find the style that best suits you.

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