Bengali Wedding Hairstyle

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Ever attend a Bengali wedding? The intricate and detailed elements of culture bring countless surprises and flavors to the table. A major highpoint for every attendee is the bridal hairstyle. After all, as onlookers, we’re all looking forward to and indulging in the beauty of the auspicious occasion.

Classic Blue

The popular blue adorned throughout a Bengali wedding ceremony is the most flattering color combination. It gives off a sense of peace and tranquility while attracting the audience’s attention to the beauty of the bride on her special day.

Close up picture of blue saree donned with golden jewelry and bindi.

Statement Ornaments

Accompanied by the blue decor, the bride will include statement ornaments such as kundan, gold and pearl jewelry. This adds a luxe look to her hair, and increases the beauty of the overall look. Particularly, brides tend to emphasize their neckline and earrings by picking pieces that are elongated and stands out from the rest.

Texture And Volume

In order to make a statement, many brides opt for textured and voluminous hairstyles. The more layers and curls, the better! The beauty of texture-based hair is its versatility. From simple and elegant to intricate and detailed, it’s the bride’s show-stopping look and she can express her personality in many different ways.

Visible Hair Partings

The art of hair partings have been around for centuries, and in some cultures is still seen as an important beauty practice. For Bengali brides, they tend to highlight the same part in their hair with a powdery white or gold pigment. This helps it stand out among the rest, and compliments the other accessories accompanying her crown.

Fringing The Saree

A look that has become more popular in recent years is fringing on the saree. The bride will curl and pin her hair in such a way that a sweep of strands hang over her ear. This is a very modern and avant-garde look for brides and usually favored by a more youthful audience.

Whether minimalistic or complex, the hair look of a Bengali bride is undoubtedly one that deserves admiration. Great attention to detail is given in order to match and coordinate the beautiful ornaments, color schemes, and textures. It’s surely something you’ll be blown away by!

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