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Whether you are a recent beauty enthusiast or a veteran makeup user, there are always new looks to try and new trends to follow. With the constantly changing landscape of makeup, it’s essential to stay on top of all the best makeup tutorials and tips. From classic looks to daringly creative new trends, here are some of the best makeup looks of 2015 to check out.

Face Makeup

closeup of woman's face with makeup on

Makeup can be used to create different looks and moods, depending on the occasion. Common forms of face makeup include foundation, blush, bronzer and highlighter. Different tools, such as brushes and beauty sponges, can help you achieve different formulas and textures. Some of the most popular trends of 2015 involved bold colors, such as purples, pinks, and greens. To create more daring looks, you can use glitter and sequins.

Beauty Hair

blonde woman sunbathing with hair styled in a messy high bun

Hair styling is such an important part of any makeup look. From chic buns and twisted knots to loose curls and beachy waves, there are endless possibilities. Many of the biggest trends this year revolved around delicate details. Braids of all kinds were key elements, from intricate plaited styles to classic French twists. Adding accessories, such as headbands and barrettes, can also help personalize a look.

Makeup Tutorials

woman looking in the mirror with pink and purple eye makeup

Makeup tutorials are essential for learning the best techniques and keeping up with the latest trends. Tutorials can help beginners understand the basics of applying makeup, while advanced users can use tutorials to practice more complicated techniques and techniques to produce different looks. In 2015, tutorials focused on natural, no-makeup looks, as well as looks based on major trends such as contouring, cut-creasing, and highlighting.

Wheather you try out just one trend or link them all together for a full-on makeover, the best makeup looks of 2015 can be used to create fashionable looks for any occasion. It’s always exciting to see how makeup trends develop, so stay tuned for what 2016 has in store!

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