Best Mens Hairstyle For Long Face

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Men with a long face shape have a wide selection of flattering hairstyles to choose from. Whether you have short, long or curly hair, there’s a cut that’s perfect for you. From long, swept-back styles to shorter, everyday looks, we’ve gathered 15 of the best hairstyles for men with long faces.

Long with Texture

long face shape with textured hair

Long hair with texture adds visual width to the face, helps to accentuate the cheekbones, and keeps it from looking too severe. Short sides and longer length on top provide the perfect balance for long face shapes. This look here shows long layers at the top in front, side swept and full thick bangs.

Low Skin Fade + Textured Crop

low skin fade and textured crop

If you’re worried about your long face making you look too skinny, the right fade can help give your face more shape. A low skin fade has just the right amount of impact. Coupling it with a textured crop on top allows for customization as it can be styled to look messier or tidier depending on the situation.

Side Parting + Slicked-Back Hair

side parting and slicked-back hair

Combining a side parting with slicked-back hair is a great choice for men with longer face shapes. The soft look of the style is sure to give your face a break from being over-defined and will show off any lighter tones you may have in your hair.

Long Hair + Pompadour

long hair with pompadour

For guys with really long faces, this longer style with some pompadour action looks pretty awesome. The sides are buzzed short but still long enough to maintain some texture. The back is combed down and the top can be slicked back to create that bump of hair style traditional to the pompadour.

Fauxhawk Haircut

fauxhawk haircut

The faux hawk can look incredibly modern on men of all ages and with any face shape. For long face shapes, the fauxhawk creates width that helps to break up the length. This style is great for guys who aren’t ready to go all the way with an actual mohawk, but still, want to stand out with some spikes and dimension.

Side Fringe

side fringe

It’s all about balance. With longer face shapes, the side fringe helps to break up the length and add visual width. This look is also perfect for guys who are looking for a longer style that has some attitude. The sides and back can be cut shorter for a more professional look.

Tapered Cut + Side Parting

tapered cut and side parting

This short and neat style is also
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