Best Short Hairstyle For Round Face

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It is important to pick the right kind of hairdo to make the most of facial features and body structure. Short hairstyles for round faces can do wonders and give you a stunning look. The round face is one such unique shape that needs special attention in selecting the right kind of hairstyle. Depending on your facial structure, you can pick the asymmetrical bob haircut which is of sensible length and can do a lot for your facial features. You can also opt for the punkish bob which gives sassy texture to the hair.

Messy Bob

Modern messy bob for round face

If you want a short and stylish look, try the modern messy bob. The cuts are heavily layered in the back and sides and continues to look great even after being styled. The bob cut also has side swept bangs that make the face look thinner and more angular. This look is suitable for women with thick hair as it will require less maintenance than other bobs.

Side Swept Pixie

Side swept pixie for round face

If you want a quick fix for your hair, the side swept pixie is the ideal choice. This hairstyle is very bangs-heavy on the sides and back, giving your face a more angular look. The side part of the pixie also helps to slim down the face and makes the look more romantic. The pixie is easy to style and looks great with a scarf or a bandana.

Textured Bob

Textured bob for round face

The textured bob is perfect for round face shapes as it has great volume and movement. The long layers help the face look more angular and the layers contrast and soften the angular features of the face. This look can be done with a textured bob and will require a small bit of product to maintain. With an added pop of color or highlights, this look is fun and ready-to-go.

Choppy Bob

Choppy bob for round face

The choppy bob is one of the best short hairstyles for round faces as it has great lengths which makes the face look thinner and angular. The layers are cut at different lengths and are heavily texturized to add body to the hair and make it look more full. This hairstyle requires a bit of product to maintain its shape and volume, but is low maintenance and easy to style.

Having the right kind of hairstyle is essential especially for those who have round face shapes. These short hairstyles for round faces can help to make the most of your facial structure and give you a stunning look. Try different cuts and colors to create the perfect look for you.

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