Best Way To Clean Makeup Brushes

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We all know how important it is to clean makeup brushes and good hygiene helps stop the spread of bacteria. Cleaning your makeup brushes regularly is a must, but it can be a time consuming process. But don’t worry we have some tips to help you, you can easily clean your makeup brushes in a jiffy!

Best Way To Clean Makeup Brushes In A Rush

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Firstly, let’s start with deciding how frequent you need to clean your makeup brushes, honestly it varies from type to type but experts recommend to wash them at least once a week for long haul hygiene of your brushes and to make sure your skin is not exposed to any bacteria.

The best way to clean makeup brushes

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Here’s some tips to clean your brushes like a pro. Firstly, simply dip your makeup brush in a solution such as baby shampoo, any mild facial cleanser or a cosmetic brush cleaner and swirl it in your hand (for liquid form products) to create lots of lathery suds. Next, rinse the brush, really really well, make sure all the soap suds are gone and you’re all done!

The BEST Way to Clean Makeup Brushes!

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You can also give your brushes a quick clean in between washes. For instance, buff the makeup brush onto a paper towel, it will allow the excess product, dirt, and oils removed to be trapped on the paper towel, therefore eliminating some of the bacteria on the brush. And don’t forget to periodically replace your makeup brush bristles when they become worn or non-flexible, this way you will be able to avoid any irritation or infection.

Now you’re totally ready to go, don’t forget you can also check for beauty tutorials online for more information on how to keep your makeup brushes clean, safe and hygienic!

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