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Betty Boop has been a classic cartoon character for almost a century now. Her signature style with her curly hair, big eyes, and flirtatious attitude has been an inspiration for many for decades. Now it seems her look is being taken to a whole new level as makeup artists have been transforming themselves into the iconic cartoon character. We take a look at 29 incredible Betty Boop makeup transformations that will leave you stunned.

1. The Big Eyes Look

A woman with big eyes, painted like Betty Boop.

This transformation is sure to be a hit amongst the cosplayers. The focus on the eyes makes this look truly Betty Boop-inspired. With the perfect shade of red lipstick and the use of yellow and black colors, this makeup artist nailed the Betty Boop look.

2. The Pin-Up Look

A woman with red lips, painted like Betty Boop.

For those who want to focus on the flirtatious part of the Betty Boop character rather than her cartoon aspects, this look is for you. The focus is more on her red lipstick and winged cat-eye look, with minimal use of colors. Here, the makeup artist showcases the alluring traits of Betty Boop with this pin-up look.

3. The Playful Look

A woman with curly hair, with a colorful, cartoon-inspired look.

This look focuses on the cartoon aspects of the Betty Boop character. The playful mix of colors here, with the bright yellow, red, and black eyeshadow, along with the use of false lashes, truly embodies the spirit of the classic cartoon character. This look is great for Halloween or costume parties.

The Betty Boop character has been an inspiration for many for decades, and it’s no wonder why many people are inspired to recreate her iconic style in makeup. These 29 incredible Betty Boop makeup transformations design the perfect tribute to the legendary cartoon icon. Whether you want to recreate the pin-up look or the cartoon look, Betty Boop’s classic style is sure to look stunning on anyone who chooses to recreate the transformation.

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