Beyonce No Makeup Selfie

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The no makeup selfie trend isn’t just a trend anymore, it has become a movement! Some of the trendsetters responsible for making it a movement are celebrities. We have put together some of the best no makeup selfies of some of the world-famous celebrity faces, who have dared to go without makeup and set an example to their fans, that it’s ok to go natural.


Picture of Beyoncé with no makeup on, long golden blonde hair, with a white t-shirt

No one comes close to the Queen Bey! Her no makeup selfie shows just how beautiful she looks without makeup. Her long golden-blonde hair is a perfect match for her natural skin and free flowing t-shirt and gives off a cool and relaxed vibe.

Beyoncé – Blonde Bob

Picture of Beyoncé with no makeup, giving the camera a sultry smouldering gaze, with a medium-length blonde bob style haircut

This no makeup selfie of Beyoncé gives off a completely different vibe, going for a more sophisticated and edgier fashion. She’s still natural and free of makeup, but she has a bob haircut and gives the camera a smouldering gaze.

Beyoncé – Bare Face

Picture of Beyoncé with no makeup on, wearing a royal blue dress, with natural curls and perfect skin

In this no makeup selfie, Queen Bey goes for a more polished and elegant look. She wears a royal blue dress and sports natural curls. Her perfect and glowing skin is a testament to her great dedication to her skin and most likely her skincare routine.

These no makeup selfies of Beyoncé have inspired the world and inspired us to stay true to ourselves and accept our natural beauty. Not only that, but they have also invited us to get to know Beyoncé better as a woman and a person.

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