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Humans have a complex biological makeup, consisting of myriad systems and processes that govern the body’s functions. From the complex network of genetic coding to the intricate nervous system, there are countless ways that human biology works together to create the body’s delicate balance. But what exactly goes into a person’s biological makeup?

Genetic Makeup

Our genetic makeup is determined by the combination of DNA from our biological parents. Each sequence of genetic material contains information that helps shape who we become and what we look like. It also provides instructions for how our cells should function, and how our body should develop and heal when needed. Depending on the genes a person inherits, he or she may be more or less predisposed to certain traits or illnesses.

Biological landscape picture of cellular makeup of a human

Biochemistry & Biomolecules

In addition to our genetic code, human biology is also composed of biochemistry and biomolecules, or molecules like proteins, carbohydrates, lipids, proteins, and nucleic acids. These essential molecules are constantly working to keep the body running; for example, proteins are responsible for building and maintaining cells, and carbohydrates provide the most efficient fuel for our cells. Biochemical and biomolecular processes are integral for human development and are necessary for weeding out “junk” or lethal gene recessives.

Diagram of biochemistry and biomolecules of a human

Circadian Rhythms

Humans also have a natural rhythm related to the day and night cycle known as a circadian rhythm. This internal clock helps to regulate our hormones and influence when we go to sleep and when we wake up. This importantly helps us form healthy habits such as exercise and a healthy diet, as well as critical tasks such as practicing proper hygiene.

Diagram of a biological clock influencing the day and night cycle for a human

The human body is a remarkably intricate and fascinating creature. From the interrelated systems to the microscopic cells and molecules, each part of our biological makeup plays an integral role in our development and health. Understanding the science of our makeup helps us better understand not just our bodies, but the very elements that make us who we are.

Biological Makeup Of Humans |
Biological Makeup Of Humans |
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