The Bird

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This cute bird nail art is one of the most creative and stylish manicure options, perfect for a bright and creative look.

Bird Nail Design

The Bird - Nail art Tutorial

With this design, you don’t need to be super precise in order to get a beautiful nail art pattern. The essential “ingredients” of this design are a base color, white and a thinning color brush. You can start with the base color and top it off with a white one. The thinning brush will help you to shape the details. You can use different colors in order to give a bright and stylish touch. You can also use other thinning materials like thinning pens or thinning pens with gel.

The Detail

In order to make the details of this design stand out, you can use various techniques like airbrush, glitter and rhinestone. Using airbrush, it’s possible to create delicate lines of paint and draw tiny details. Additionally, you can add some glitter and even some small rhinestones to add on the sparkle.

Finishing Touches

To finish off the look, you can either choose to add a top coat of color or use a clear coat instead. After the top coat has dried, you can also add special accents. This can be some colorful nail art stickers or some sparkly stones. Both will give the design a unique and more festive look.


This bird nail art design is a perfect choice for those who want to look creative and stylish. Using just a few basic colors, you can easily create this design with the help of thinning brushes and other artistic materials like glitter and rhinestone. Moreover, the finishing touches, such as special accents and stickers, will help you take your look to the next level.

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