Black Cat Makeup

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Our playful cat makeup collection featuring 22+ different designs, trends, and ideas will sure excite your inner feline! Take your pick and embrace a wild and classic look that’ll go perfectly with whatever costume you’re wearing this Halloween. Get started with this step-by-step collection.

Black Cat Makeup

Black cat makeup, Halloween makeup looks, Creative

For a classic black cat look, start by covering your entire face with a black color base. Next, line your eyes with a black eye shadow and a white kohl for that pop. Add false eyelashes and complete the look with the perfect cat nose and whiskers. And you’re done!

Colorful Cat Makeup

Halloween Look Cat Makeup

Brighten up Halloween with this colorful and playful cat makeup. Go wild with combinations of a white base and lots of colorful and neon eye shadows. To really make this unique character stand out, draw a nose and whiskers with a vibrant hot pink color.

Finishing Touches


To finish off your look, accessorize with a headband with ears and a tail. Or, stretch out some elastic bands over your hair to form the ears and let your cat tail naturally “hang” over your shoulder. No matter which look you go for, you’ll sure stand out this Halloween! Happy trick-or-treating!

22+ Cat Makeup Designs, Trends, Ideas | Design Trends - Premium PSD
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Black Cat Makeup | Black cat makeup, Halloween makeup looks, Creative