Black Hairstyle For Prom

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Searching for an attractive hairstyle ahead of an important event such as a prom can be daunting. As each person has their individual style it can be difficult to find a look that truly compliments you. Here we take a closer look at African American Prom Hairstyle Ideas for Black for prom that will help you look as glamorous as ever at a formal event.

Elegant Half Up Half Down Hairdo For Prom


This elegant half up half down hair style with its unique French twist is simply stunning and is sure to add a touch of glamor to any prom. The thick curls falling below the French twist looks amazing and can easily be achieved with the right amount of product and styling. To get the right look don’t forget to clip your hair to keep it neat and add a hairspray to set so that it will maintain its shape throughout the night.

Side Ponytail with Braid For Prom


The side ponytail with a braid is a simple but pretty hairstyle option for prom. You can play around with the braid depending on your personal preference – either keeping it sleek and shiny or by adding a few cute fly-aways. This is one of those styles that looks great on black hair and can easily be accessorized with a few gems or flowers.

High Bun Updo With Hair Accessories


This is a classic hairstyle that oozes elegance and sophistication. The high bun looks simply beautiful on black hair and can easily be taken up a notch with elegant hair accessories. For a truly impressive finish, why not try braiding the hair before you twist it in a bun and accessorize with a floral clip or pins? It’s a great way of adding a touch of drama to your look.

Curly Short Hair For Prom


If you’re looking for an edgier look for the big night, then perhaps the curly short hair style for prom is for you. This is a way of taking advantage of the natural curl of black hair to create a cool and stylish hair look. To ensure your curls stay bouncy and full without over styling, use light-weight products such as mousses or gels that will go easy on your hair.

Chignon Hair For Prom


The chignon hair style is an evergreen look that is an ideal selection for a formal occasion. It is a unique style that might require a helping hand to get the look just right. Once the chignon is fixed the loose curls framing the hairline add a touch of class and glamour to the hairstyle. With the right accessories you can look glamorous from the moment you walk in till the time you say goodbye.

We hope that these African American Prom Hairstyle Ideas for Black have inspired you to find the perfect hair look that is sure to make you look as glamorous as ever. Just remember to find something that suits your personality and makes you feel awesome at a memorable occasion like the prom.

African American Prom Hairstyle Ideas - Best Prom Hairstyles for Black