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Black hair has a special kind of beauty; its luster, sheen, and depth have created an extraordinary kind of beauty that cannot be found in any other hair type. As a result, it has become more popular over the years as well as more versatile in styling. However, this does not mean that picking the right hairstyle for you is easy. In fact, with so many hairstyle ideas for black hair, it can be really difficult to choose the perfect one.

Long Black Curly Hairstyle 2016

long black curly hairstyle 2016

This long black curly hairstyle is an eye-catching one with its cascading waves and a few face-framing pieces. It looks super sexy, with its texture and shine making it a great option for everyday wear, as well as special occasions. To keep the curls in top shape, you should use some products such as curl-defining sprays and gels.

Braided Updo with Turban Headband

black braided updo with turban headband

This black hairstyle is very chic and modern, featuring a stylish updo with a touch of color in it. The headband is made of a turban fabric in black and silver, enhancing the look of this dreamy hairstyle. To create this look, make a few thin braids, put them together in a bun and fluff it up before decorating it with the turban headband.

Short Side Swept Curly Hair

short side swept curly hair

This is a perfect hairstyle for women who want to keep their hair short and still look gorgeous. This hairstyle features the classic style of side-swept curls and has an amazing sleek finish for an even more feminine look. Opt for styling products enriched with natural ingredients and use a curl definer to enhance your curls.

High Top Braided Bun

high top braided bun

Another amazing and edgy hairstyle for black hair is this high top braided bun. Here, the main element is several thin braids that form a bun on the crown. The edges of the braids have been tucked in, creating a neat and clean look. To pull this off, you will need to take your time braiding and make sure the braids are tight enough to keep the bun in place.

Faux Hawk with Soft Curls

faux hawk with soft curls

This cool and edgy hairstyle will make you stand out from the crowd. It features a faux hawk – the sides are shaved off and the top part is combed back. Then, it is decorated with soft bouncy curls that contrast with the shaved sides. Since this style is all about texture and volume, make sure you use proper styling products and make sure the curls look natural.

Curly Mohawk with Braids

curly mohawk with braids

Looking for an outstanding hairstyle? Try this combo of a curly mohawk and braids! A combination like this is great for special occasions and will definitely get you all the attention. The top part is made of curls while the sides are braided and combined with a nice updo. Make sure you use the right styling
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