Black Lipstick Makeup Look

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Do you ever want to try something new with your make up and stand out from the rest? From colorful eyeshadow to bold lipstick, there are many ways in which we can express ourselves through our style and beauty. There are plenty of make up looks out there that are sure to get people talking and some are more daring than others. One make up look that is gaining popularity is the black lip.

The eye make up is pretty

black lipstick makeup

This look is all about bold and daring, and there are many ways it can be achieved. Whether you go for a dark lip color all over the lips, or combine a black lip color with a complimentary hue in the center, you can make it as simple or as intricate as you like. To get more out of the look, a brightly colored eye look will really make the black lips stand out and help you stand out from the crowd.

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Black lipstick look

We love black lips, but also of course love a little bit of sparkle. A black lip look with a hint of sparkle can look amazing. All you need to do to have a little sparkle on your lips is to first use a black lip liner for the lip shape you want and then apply the black lip color. Once you have done that, use a fine brush to add a sparkle of your choice and you are good to go. is for sale

Black lips makeup

Finally, you can also use black lip liner around the edges and blend it slightly with the chosen lip color. This can give you the opportunity to use a dark lip shade with a light one, which can give you a lovely contrasting look that is both subtle and daring at the same time. There you have it, a few creative ways to play with black lips – giving you plenty of opportunities to express yourself through make up.

LIFE STYLE on Instagram: “What do you think of this Glam? @vintynellie
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