Blank Makeup Face Chart

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Applying makeup is an artform and facial chart is an important part of the learning process for many artists in the makeup industry. Making or using blank face chart templates allows one to practice the skill of applying makeup.

Example 1: DIY Blank Makeup Face Charts

DIY Blank Makeup Face Charts

This blank face chart is helpful for an artist to practice the craft of contouring and eye makeup applications. At times, a template can offer a path toward individual creativity, while it demystifies the learning curve of creating a unique style.

Example 2: Face Chart Makeup Artist Blank

Face Chart Makeup Artist Blank

For those who think outside of the box, blank face charts like this can be a great place to design bold and wild looks that display true artistry. The blank canvas concept can be liberating for those who want to push the boundaries on their ideas.

Example 3: Makeup Face Chart

Makeup Face Chart

This face chart provides ample space for the artist to practice new and trendy looks, or even to practice specific styles requested by clients. It can give an aspiring makeup artist an idea of the range of styles they can eventually develop.

Face chart templates provide a great way for makeup artist to practice and refine their craft. With each stroke of makeup, they draw closer to the goal of perfecting that look they want to achieve while staying in the client’s comfort zone.

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