Blue Eyes Makeup

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Flaunt your baby blues and make an unforgettable impression with stylish eye makeup. Women blessed with blue eyes can experiment with a wealth of styles and hues, from vibrant shades to more muted tones. To prove it, here are our top 12 looks perfect for those azure beauties.

Electric Blue

Photo of model with electric blue eye makeup

Rock out with electric blue gels and liners. Don’t be shy — be bold. The bright shades bring out your eye color and are perfect for daring nights out.

Subtle Nudes

Photo of model with subtle nude eye makeup

Soften your gaze with muted, natural hues. Nude shades help bring out a deep blue and provide a nice balance to your makeup look.

Earthly Browns

Photo of model with brown eye makeup

Browns are anything but basic with blue eyes. The contrast between these natural earthy tones and aqua depths creates a unique combination that really pops.

Vibrant Purples

Photo of model with vibrant purple eye makeup

Let those baby blues shine with vibrant purples and plums. Use purple shadow on the lids and liner underneath the eyes to really bring out the blue.

Smoky Grays

Photo of model with smoky gray eye makeup

Feel the heat with smoky gray shades. Sweep a combo of edgy grays and silvers onto your lids for a dramatic, smoky beauty look that complements blue eyes perfectly.

Glimmering Golds

Photo of model with glimmering gold eye makeup

Or go for the gold and make your eyes stand out. Embellish your lids with golden glitters and champagne hues that dazzle and highlights the blue of your eyes.

Romantic Reds

Photo of model with romantic red eye makeup

Go luxe by layering red shadows and liners. They’ll make your blue eyes look extra mysterious, and bring out the wow-factor.

Chelsey Sage

Photo of model with chelsey sage eye makeup

Sage is all the rage for blue eyes. This color creates an amazing neutral base for all your other shades and offers a subtle, natural-looking effect.

Charming Browns

Photo of model with charming brown eye makeup

Soft yet scene-stealing browns help magnify your eye color and do a great job of pulling together any casual look.

Moody Navy

Photo of model with navy eye makeup

If you’ve got the blues, make sure your navy shadow matches. This classic look pairs perfectly with enhanced navy liner.

Imperial Oranges

Photo of model with imperial orange eye makeup

Hot and haute! Take a break from your regular blues with a fiery orange look. Your eyes will glow even brighter with this hot shade that’s hard to ignore.

Subtle Shimmers

Photo of model with subtle shimmer eye makeup

And if you’re in the mood for something subtle, choose any color you like and add soft, shimmery shadows. Just a touch of subtle eyeliner and a velvety shadow will do the trick.

Women with blue eyes can surely show off their bold, beautiful style with any of these fabulous looks. Whether you want to go bold or subtle, there’s something for everyone.

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